Based at Turweston Aerodrome, a former World War II airfield, with both grass and tarmac runways, we are well suited for all your needs   



We pride ourselves on achieving a very high standard of workmanship, which we believe is second to non especially on Annex II aircraft.  

We have modern facilities at our base at Turweston Aerodrome. The airfield hosts a complimentary collection of aviation capabilities including the legendary Mick Allen Aircraft Spraying workshop.  


We specialise in Permit Aircraft and have LAA inspectors on staff.

Some permit aircraft, especially those former RAF training types, often have more complex requirements that may need a bit more experience to get the job done.


For those bigger projects, that require the aircraft to be stripped, repaired and restored, we have experience on many and varied aircraft types and materials.  

Our knowledgeable and highly experienced engineers are capable of carrying out all manner of work to the highest standards possible.



From that initial idea to making your dream come true, our team of experts can help and advise you through every step along your journey.

Working closely alongside you is often the best way to ensure your every need to fulfilled.  We take great pride in everything we do and our goal is to see your dream come true.


Why not visit us and see our work for yourself  

Or better still, hear directly from our customers.  Let them share their experiences with you first hand.